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Smart Media Technologies

Smart Media Technologies understand the needs of all  members to have an Internet make money online opportunity without the hassle of working 9-5 every day. To remove the concern and worry many families face with uncertain job security with hefty living increases!

Smart Media Technologies understands that many people worldwide want an affordable internet make money online business to build! A cheap internet make money online opportunity!

Smart Media Technologies Group provide people like You, an opportunity to have their very own Internet home business with a cheap start up cost with a exclusive products!

You will discover there are several things that set our company apart from other online companies:

  • It is the only company that has the Smart Media Desktop Application & Home Page Pays (coming 2011) to make computers fun & easy for every computer user / owner worldwide 2Billion of them!! (NO COMPETITION ONLINE)
  • Smart Media Technologies will soon have the Smart Media Mobile APP (500million+ smart phone users worldwide)
  • Affordable one time cost to join. Affordable monthly cost US$30 per month!!
  • Global company & Debt free.
  • Lucrative Pay Plan
  • Provides You with an easy step system to build your Internet make money online business. Can you giveaway FREE PRODUCTS!

Smart Media Technologies Group give all representatives the ability to give away their personally licensed Smart Media Desktop Application, Home Page Pays system and Smart Media Mobile App to family, friends and new contacts. Plus all products have inbuilt viral functions  meaning your business and products can be seen all over the world very quickly!

The Smart Media Desktop Application is revolutionary technology that is ahead of the 8 fastest growing trends in the world today!

Smart Media Desktop Application offers all computer users:

  • Full training on various social networking sites and digital devices.
  • Smart Media Desktop Application – combines Smart Library with 1-on-1 training 24/7 through interactive assistants.
  • FREE Smart Media Web Browser (up to 10x Faster than  major browsers!!)
  • Free Software
  • Tell-a-friend in menu.
  • New Super Content -  radio, videos, music, games and more!
  • International Bargain finder – Identifies where you are in the world to find you the best online bargains.
  • My University - 1,700 high quality educational videos with subjects on maths, algebra, science, history, geography, banking, finance and much more. From basic  to advanced levels.
  • Earn from PPC and PPV
  • Extensive personal branding - perfect for all business owners, affiliate marketers, charity groups and network marketers. If you have a business YOU NEED our product!! It is has an inbuilt viral marketing system like no other online!

HOME PAGE PAYS – COMING SOON. Watch the following video to view the full scope of our how powerful our new product Home Page Pays will be. Even free users will be earning while using the Home Page Pays system. Everyone will hear about and want Home Page Pays. Would you like all your contacts gaining Home Page Pays from someone else?!?

It’s never before been so easy or so much fun to have an internet make money online opportunity!

Download the Smart Media Desktop Application and see the product for yourself!

Smart Media Technologies Group is the only company that makes use of Artificial Intelligence as a marketing system. With our products members will be able to access S.M.A.R.T.S, which means Strategic Marketing Automatic Replicating System.

And finally, it is the only company that integrates multi-media delivery message system, which enables you to broadcast out video messages to everyone that has your Smart Media Desktop Application!

Just imagine how much money you can earn by tapping into a market place where millions of people around the world want your product!

Take A Look At The Money You Can Earn With The Ultimate Internet Make Money Online Business!

  • The team build is an easy to follow binary plan.
  • You only need to build two teams, right and left leg through a simply 3 step system.
  • You can qualify to earn up to $50K per week!
  • Direct bonus $25 up to $150 upfront.
  • Matching leadership bonus!
  • Star Bonuses.
  • PPC & PPI Income.

The following video will outline for you the money that can be made from the Smart Media Technologies compensation plan. You will also discover what the monthly cost covers and how the exemption rule works. SMT have enabled everyone to join this business to change their financial future. Your country may be one of the ones listed under the ruling where you do not have to pay the monthly cost until your business is earning US$100 in a month. Full details are on the company website.

To become a representative of the company, JOIN at Smart Media Technologies and pay the joining fee of your choice.  Please look over the choices carefully so you are fully aware of the income each level offers you.

Once this is done, you will be able to access  your own personal back office and brand your fully licensed Smart Media Desktop Application. Then start giving it away for free!

Your back office also has a step by step business building system with videos to take you by the hand. Every section in your back office has video training.

Welcome to our team and Your opportunity to build a successful internet make money online business!!

*Disclaimer: There are no guarantees of income. All income will be through derived from your personal effort.  No commissions are earned from sponsoring or recruiting people.  All commissions are earned through the sale of Smart Media products or services.